We create first class content just for you, from brand imaging to videos to commercials capable of going viral. Our creative team can come up with some of the most memorable media you will ever see. When working with us we keep two things in mind, your goals and your budget, always satisfying both.


We connect your brand or business with our network of micro-influencers. Only want to target a certain area? We have you covered with influencers narrowed down by location as well as influencers who match your brand with their lifestyle. It’s like getting a referral from a friend to try a product, but at scale.


Managing your social media accounts along side running a business can be very difficult in today’s fast paced world. That’s where we come in. We will revamp your social pages, make them pop, and on top of it all, run them for you. We’ll make sure your customers see what they need to see all wile you continue to work on your business. We manage everything from Facebook to Snapchat and everything in between.


A website is among the most critical assets a business NEEDS. Out of everything you do, your website is up 24 hours a day 7 days a week constantly working for you. It is a prime example of having your money do the heavy lifting and work for you. While you’re sleeping your website is still engaging with potential customers. Let us help you, create a unique site to bring in more customers. All our sites are integrated with social media, are mobile responsive, meaning they react to the screen they are on (phone, tablet,desktop), and custom made just for you.


Tired of wasting advertising dollars? We have the solution for you, it’s hyper-targeted social marketing. Your ads will be seen by the demographic you seek to reach. No more buying ads and hoping they get seen, we will guarantee it. Our techniques will help you navigate through the crowded online world, and reach the customers that need to hear your message.


Having all kinds of great content is useless if no one ever sees it. We use strategy to optimize times to post content, start live videos, and more. We take a good, hard look at the numbers and tell you when to post your content to make sure the most eyes see it.


We are able to harness the power of Snapchat to benefit your business. We can engage your customers like never before and truly leave a lasting impression on everyone. They will be sure to remember your business and come back again.

Email: info@musclemanmedia.com
Hours: 8am – 9pm M-F
Indiana, PA