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Community Living and Learning, Inc.

Community Living and Learning, Inc. is a private, non-profit agency that has been providing services to individuals with intellectual disabilities in the Indiana County area since 1974. The work they provide enables all these individuals with the resources he or she needs to be happy, successful, and a valued member of the community. Having workers readily available is a crucial piece of their operations, so when job applications started to decline, Community Living and Learning, Inc. reached out to MuscleMan Media in hopes of a solution. They realized their old, out of date website was likely the culprit so we went straight to work determining how to improve it.

The Solution

We decided to build an easy to follow website on the content management system, WordPress. We kept the design simple and easy to navigate so anyone would feel comfortable using it. We then built an online job application right into their site so that anyone wanting to apply, could fill it out and submit it without ever leaving the page. After our solutions were implemented, Community Living and Learning, Inc saw a 3x increase in job applications from their website alone!

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a small business, can I really afford a custom website?
Yes! We work with businesses both large and small. Our pricing structure allows even the smallest of businesses access to professional web design they never thought possible.
How long does it take to build a website?
A smaller website usually takes between 1-2 weeks and larger websites typically take 3-5 weeks. The timeline can be shorter based on how long it takes to get assets and how long a client takes to approve revisions.
Can you fix an old website if I already have one?
Yes! We will take you through our onboarding process and gather all info we need in order to redesign your current website.
Do I have to manage my own website when it is done?
With all our websites, we offer free training once complete so that you are fully aware on how to manage it yourself. However, we understand as a business owner you sometimes just don’t have the time, so we conveniently offer monthly maintenance packages for all our clients.