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We help businesses of all sizes be heard in telling their story.  Leveraging modern digital marketing strategies with first class creativity, we grow small businesses, non-profits, and personal brands in ways they once never thought possible.


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Digital Strategy

Having great content is nothing without a plan.

Project Highlight

How a local hot dog stand owner touched the hearts of a Nation.

Indiana, PA is a picture perfect representation of small town America. Home to Jimmy Stewart, Christmas Tree capital of the world and where local icon ‘Hot Dog John’ can be found serving hot dogs every weekday at lunch. After getting to know John, we quickly realized he wasn’t just serving hot dogs, but rather happiness to everyone he serves.

People Reached

Video Views

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Key Marketing Lesson For All Businesses

We are grateful that the the Power of Positivity group thought John’s story was as great as we did, which allowed it to be distributed nationwide. But what can every business learn from John’s story?

In short, be you, be authentic and stop creating content you think your customers will like, and start showing your customers who the real you is. It’s easy to see right through companies who are pandering to who they think their customer is, when in reality, by being authentically you, you organically grow your business with people that can now relate to the real you.